At All Advance Technology Machines, we tend to have a tendency to tend to unit unit unit unit hooked into innovation, value, and consumer satisfaction. we tend to invariably commit to being inside the customer’s mind first and foremost. we tend to believe in keeping guarantees through up-to-date technologies, knowledgeable staff, engineers, and economical after-sales service. we tend to invariably welcome any challenge inside the development and infrastructure sector and take a glance at it to unravel it through our teams, making construction easier, quicker, and cheaper. 

All Eight Best Advanced Technology Machines Informations 

1.Hand Feed Tilting kind machine 

Usage/Application: combining Concrete 

Power supply: electrical Engine 

Capacity: 500L 

Brand: ATM 

Features: moveable 

Output capability: 480 Liters 

Power: motor 

Technical Information: 

Type: Tilting 

Capacity unmixed in liters personnel which: one hundred eighty / five Capacity Mixed in liters: a hundred / three.5

Drum Speed R.P.M. 14 / 16 

Thickness Of Drum Cone in millimeter: three.15 Drum Cone & admixture blade: severally renewable Size of Drum gap In millimeter: 350 

Drum: forged iron G.M. Bushes Fitted Centrally 

Drum Support: forged iron Yoke & Steering Plate With cast-iron Pedestal 

Frame and Chassis: Rigid all-steel constructions Discharge height in millimeter: 700 

Transmission: V Belt 

Powered by: H.P. motor 

Wheels: CI Wheels 

Approx weight of basic: 240 kilo 

  1. vibrating Plate Compactor Earth Compactor Model/Type: AM forty 

Capacity: two-three Ton 

Brand/Make: ATM 

Usage/Application: To Compact The Soil 

Compaction: 2-3 Ton 

Prime Mover: motor / Engine 

Engine kind: Petrol-Kerosene or motor 

Weight: 132 Kgs 

Plate Size: 32′ x 16″

Color: Orange 

Engine: MK25 Greaves Petrol/Kerosene or motor 

Impact Force: 1300 kilo 

Traveling Speed: sixty feet per min 

Vibration Frequency: 2000 p/min 

Voltage: 415 V 

Working space: 4400 Sq. feet 


This unit is that these new own for itsThe new or her wonderful compaction capability. 

These compactors want less maintenance 

Best acquainted for its long service life. 

  1. ATM Automatic Bar Bending Machine Upto 40MM Brand: ATM 

Bar Dimensions: 6MM to 42MM 

Model Name/Number: ATM 

Operating System: totally Automatic 

Max Bending Radius: 0-50 millimeter

Power supply: electrical 

Motor Speed: 1440 

Machine Weight: 560 KGS 

Bending Speed: nine revolutions per minute 

Gear Oil: EP ninety 

Bender Set: one Set 

Weight: 560 KGS 

Voltage: 415V 

Automation Grade: Automatic 

Body Material: MS 

Power: electrical 

Deal In: a brand new and second hand 

This machine effectively can increase the assembly capability of your steelworks, minimizing the employment of the personnel. The TMT bender, together known as a bar bender, is noisily designed to run life, which makes it easy to use and intensely easy to use. 

  1. Screed Vibrator

Weight: 25Kgs 

Diameter: 2500*1400*960 

Phase Type: Honda GX35 organic compound Engine Material: Al Alloy 

Power: Engine 

Automation Grade: Semi-Automatic 

Beam Size: two Metre 


  • Long useful life 
  • Easy operations 
  • Low energy consumption 
  1. Shutter Clamp 

Base Material: MS 

Size: two Feet 

Usage/Application: To Tighten 

Weight: Approx one.5 Kg 

Shape: L formed 

Packaging kind: twenty-five laptops throughout a bundle

Thickness: 6mm 

We unit actively engaged in giving a decent vary of plug clamps to our prestigious customers. Our offered merchandise have Associate in Nursing could be an inherent exceptional value in varied industrial sectors and unit utilized in varied industrial applications. 



Precise dimensions 

Long-lasting performance 

  1. Concrete Cutter ATM 100 and 10E 

Driving methodology: electrical 

Usage/Application: to create Groove on Concrete 

Engine kind: five HP motor 

Model Name/Number: ATM one hundred ten E 

Weight: one zero five Kgs 

Power supply: Three-section motor 

Power: motor 

A groove Cutter is to boot known as a concrete cutter. it’s accustomed to cut grooves in RCC roads.

The AATM groove cutter includes a water spray attachment associate degreed Associate in Nursing adjustable line pointer to guide the operator. 

  1. Concrete Vibrator 

Automation Grade: Semi-Automatic 

Brand/Make: ATM 

Voltage: 220 V 

Frequency: fifty cycles per second 

Model Name/Number: a hundred and fifty kilo 

Fuel: fuel 

Speed: 12000 revolutions per minute 

Phase: Single section 


Our well-liked needle vibrator is directly coupled to a 4-6 meter long versatile vibrating needle, whose inner core and end tip unit is formed from special steel that will last longer. The needle vibrator is improbably durable and together does not rust and ensures lasting operation.

  1. Ram With motor 

Capacity: 3-5 ton 

Brand: ATM 

Model range: ATM RM80 

Compaction: 3-5 ton 

Automation Grade: Automatic 

Is It transportable: moveable 

Material: exhausting Iron 


We have an Associate in Nursing oversize assortment of electrical motor rammers out there in many capacities. Our offered merchandise unit is appreciated and is in demand every place in the world. Designed with the utmost care by our suppliers’ team of extraordinarily recent professionals, they are created with the highest quality raw materials and thus the newest technologies. additionally, customers can avail these merchandise at nominal prices.

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